Batch 1

Batch 1



A bundle of heartfelt thanks to our amazing mentors Sir Dr. Imran Batada and Sir Yasir Ahmed

You made us learn the best ways to understand, analyze and optimise data-driven Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing skills to strengthen us in our decisions for enhanced business performances

We have covered following 2 courses in-depth to add considerable value to the clients and business we will work with.

  1. Business Intelligence: Starting from Data, Tables, Databases, mySQL, SQLyog, Model Building, Relationship Formations, Data Types and Techniques for arranging Data as per requirement, Data Cleaning & Modification, Cloud Access (Amazon Web Services (AWS)) and a lot of Business Intelligence and Analytics knowledge. Tools such as & Tableau were extensively learnt and ready to work as BI Consultant Group

  2. Digital Marketing: Meta (Facebook), Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Ad Managers, Campaign Setup and Management, Audience Profiling, Facebook Pixel and lastly the tracking, monitoring, tweaking and optimizing the campaigns for achieving desired objectives. Ready to work as Digital Marketing Consultant

Looking forward to once again the second-half of this Diploma program where we will be learning E-Commerce & Amazon

I am osama ahmed, graduated from iobm in 2019.

Currently running a burger joint named “box’d”.

I joined this diploma program to enhance my digital marketing skills learn to use business intelligence tools.

BI course has specifically given us a brief overview of SQL/power bi and tableau, which has enabled us to create and showcase informative dashboards. These tools have proven to be very useful to me in analysing the data of my own business and find out the loopholes. This course has also opened up a door for a new career path for me.

Sir imran batada having the industry knowledge and experience has taught us in a very engaging way.

Hi this is Muhammad Maaz, I am currently working in a Multi-National Organization.

Overall my experience in this digital marketing and e-commerce diploma is really good, have learned many new skills which enhance my overall capabilities and I surely think it will definitely help me in future to grow in the market.

I would really appreciate the teaching and help of our faculty who throughout help us in this diploma to gain new skill and help us in understanding the new fast growing market. Special note for Sir Imran Batada, he really help me grow my new skills towards BI as it is very new for me and, I think he really helps all the students to learn new things and insights of the market which will really help each and every student to become successful in their domains.

Hello, my name is Naveed Ali, iam an ACCA student.

My experience is Good iam enjoying.

Well if you want to do an ecommerce business you have digital marketing skill it will save your money alot.

well teacher’s guidance is very important, Sir Imran and Sir Yasir are very helpful they gives guidance how to do survive in Corporative world they shares their experiences which gives motivation to us.

My name is Muhammad Maaz Siraj. I have previously worked as a marketing trainee. In total I have so far an experience of sales, financial technology and marketing.

This program has helped me develop interest in business intelligence due to our teacher Dr. Imran.

Dr. Imran has been so far one of the best teachers in my learning career. He knows how to connect with students and share his knowledge with us.

My name is Taha Bin Mujahid and I have been engaged with the automotive industry for the past 6 years. Currently, I am serving as Marketing Executive at Ghandhara Nissan Ltd from the past 2 years.

To be honest I opt this diploma to learn and enhance my digital marketing skills but I got my interest develop more in Business Intelligence course. The way our teacher Dr. Imran taught us was mind blowing.

This diploma not only helped me in enhancing my digital marketing skills but also gave a great exposure.

I took the course as a desperate attempt to learn something new.

So far I did learn a new set of skill and will definitely put these skills to work in the near future.

Sir Imran has been very helpful. Never had the confidence to learn a new skill this fast but somehow Sir Imran made it at least possible for me.