Excel Mastery for Professionals

Excel course tailored for professionals, participants will dive into the depths of Excel’s functionality, mastering its tools and techniques to streamline their workflow and enhance productivity. This training will help you in basic spreadsheet navigation, simple and conditional formatting, using formulas and functions and data aggregation and validations. Learning through what if analysis, pivot tables and charts will empower professionals to leverage Excel’s full potential in their day-to-day tasks and strategic decision-making processes.

Through hands-on exercises and practical applications, attendees will learn transforming raw data into actionable insights and compelling reports. Whether you’re a novice seeking to boost your proficiency or a seasoned pro aiming to refine your skills, this course offers invaluable expertise to propel your career forward.

Program Fees

PKR 25,000/- (for outsiders) 

PKR 20,000/- (for IoBM Students & Alumni) 


  • Two Months
  • Last date to apply: 29th May
  • Start date: 01st June to 27th July (Every Saturday 6-9)

Upon completion of this course, participants will achieve the following learning outcomes

  • Proficiency in basic and advanced Excel functions, formulas like COUNTA, SUMIF(s), COUNTIF(s).
  • Mastery in data manipulation and analysis using VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP.
  • Organizing and presenting data effectively using Pie Chart, Bar Chart, Histogram.
  • Enhanced problem-solving abilities through Excel automation and macros.
  • Present large amounts of data in meaningful format using Pivot Tables and Slicers.

Target Audience

Professionals across all industries seeking to enhance their Excel skills for improved data management, analysis, and reporting. This course caters to individuals ranging from entry-level employees to seasoned professionals aiming to optimize their Excel proficiency for enhanced productivity and career advancement.

Trainers Profile

Asim Farooq

Asim Farooq is a seasoned IT professional with extensive experience spanning over two decades in the industry. He completed his BCS at FAST University and pursued his MS in Computer Science at IBA University. His expertise encompasses custom application development projects and enterprise products such as Siebel CRM (Fusion), PeopleSoft, and Fundamo (VISA). As a Project Management Professional (PMP) certified by PMI (Aug 2008), he brings a wealth of knowledge in managing IT initiatives effectively.

Having worked for renowned companies like Cybernet and Access Group in the past, Asim currently holds the position of Manager and Head of Information Systems in the IT department at IoBM (Institute of Business Management). In addition to his managerial role, Asim contributes to the development of IT talent by conducting NAVTTC (National Vocational & Technical Training Commission) vocational training courses on information technology at IoBM, reflecting his commitment to nurturing the next generation of IT professionals.